No more long history of pipelines, let’s clean it all up 🧹


Failed, passed, canceled, pending, there are a lot of chances that you have a long list of old jobs in your GitLab project.

Hopefully, GitLab provides API endpoints to list them or delete pipelines one by one. You…

Bring biometric auth to your React Native or Expo app. Let your users sign in with it.


Like many applications, your app may have authentication. Your users might sign in with an email/password.

So once they sign in everyone using their phone can access the data inside the app. It…

Need to create recurring tasks? Execute tasks later? Agenda is what you may need.


When building a Node.js application, you may need to execute recurring tasks or run them later. ⏰

You might know CRON jobs on Linux systems. CRON is a time-based job scheduler. …

Husky helps to run tests on your code before committing, pushing…

As a developer, you may want to keep your code clean and formatted. If you are coding in JavaScript you might be using ESLint ⚙️

ESLint helps you to format your code by applying custom rules. But if a…

Because getting up early shouldn’t be a problem, here are 5 tips for getting up early.


Did you ever think of waking up earlier to realize more things? Waking up earlier is a good idea to improve productivity as at 5 a.m …

Build iOS .ipa and Android .apk expo app locally by using Turtle CLI


Recently, I had to build an expo app. I tried it by using servers, but my build was in the queue and I didn’t have time to waste.

So I decided to see if it was…

A simple guide to serving files over HTTP and HTTPS with Python 3 🐍


Recently, I had to create my own https server to build an Expo app (React Native) with turtle-cli on my own device.

Turtle-cli needed to access some files over https. One of the solutions was to make a simple HTTPS server to serve the current folder. Usually I would have…

Lottie allows us to render After Effect animations natively on mobile and web


Animations help to make your app more dynamic and more user friendly. As you may know, it is possible to create animated videos with Adobe After Effect.

Why not integrate these animations to our App?

That is…

A simple guide to authenticating your users with Apple on React Native and Node.js

Recently with a client, we have been rejected on the App Store because we have enabled a 3rd part authentication (Facebook) without adding “Sign in with Apple”.

So, we had to deal with it and implement…

Building a To-Do app with Deno and React Native

Recently Deno (An alternative to Node.js) has released. A lot of peoples are talking about it as it is new and sounds to have some cool features. Today, we will make a simple To-Do app with Deno as a REST API.

We will see these different things:

  • Oak (An HTTP…

Nicolas Dommanget-Muller

Node.js & React Native Developer

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