5 tips to wake up earlier 🌅

Unsplash: Dawid Zawiła


1. Get yourself a purpose to wake up early 🎯

  • Work on a project
  • Take time for yourself
  • Doing sport (Running, training, …)
  • Be quiet
  • Learn new things
  • Getting out of your comfort zone
Unsplash: Clark Tibbs

2. Do something 💪

How to organize my morning routine?

  • Sport (Running, training, …)
  • Eating
  • Taking a shower
  • Relaxing (Meditate, …)

3. Get enough sleep 😴

What is “enough sleep”?

Avoid noises

Unsplash: Coen Staal

4. Waking up comfy 😎

5. Let's be friend with your alarm clock! ⏰

Use your phone as late as possible

Choose the right alarm





Node.js & React Native Developer

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Nicolas Dommanget-Muller

Nicolas Dommanget-Muller

Node.js & React Native Developer

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